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People say the nicest things about us

"I've been eating at Hunan Taste since 1987 and I will keep going back there just because the food quality is excellent."

- Tony L.

"Simply the best quality Chinese food but long lines. A favorite on the  north shore. also expensive but a nice treat"

- JL.

"Very relilable local up-scale chinese. Reliable take-out. Moderate priced. A weekly regular."

- Daniel B.

"This is the best Chinese restaurant! This place is not your typical Chinese restaurant. It is very classy and refined and serves the absolute best Chinese food. The service is great. The staff is waiting on you hand and foot to make sure you are okay and not lacking anything. They are prompt when it comes to the service of the food and even taking your order. They even give hot towels at the end of the meal. They also do not rush you. They wait until you are completely done eating before any other food is brought to the table. I would recommend this place if you want amazing service, amazing food, and an amazing dinner!"

- Lauren K.

"Hunan is our favorite restaurant.  We have always had excellent service and food.  The restaurant uses superior ingredients, contrary to the stereotype for Chinese restaurants.  The ingredients make all the difference.  Seafood specials are always fresh and delicious."

- Timothy F.

"The best Peking Duck on the island."

- Jerome E.

"Best local Chinese by far!"

- Brent C.

"I have been coming to Hunan Taste for about ten years & I have tried all of the other "competing" Chinese restaurants and I can tell you that the Hunan Taste is by far THE BEST Chinese restaurant - From the hot & sour soup to the port dumplings & the shredded crispy veef, everythign is always absolutely delicious and fresh. I highly recommend the dine-in lunch special-all meals are $5 - $13 dollars each, including soup, rice & your choice of an egg-roll/spring roll. Service is always quick, although you can expect that on Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights it will definitely be busy, it is always worth the additional wait! Takeout & deliver is extremely fast and has also never disappionted. The staff is always friendly and extremely accommodating!"

- Salvatore G.

"High quality dishes with a good selection and superior ingredients. A crowd favorite. Service is always top-notch."

- J Z.

"This our go to Chinese restaurant, we are never disappointed with the food or service. My favorite dish is beef with carrot/celery szechawon style. My better half loves their veal supreme dish. This place is very good all the time."

- Louis G.

"The food is very fresh. The dishes are plentiful to share. Go early on the weekend. It gets packed on Friday and Sunday nights."

- Liny D.